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2014 Inner City 100 Application Form

Apply For Recognition in Your Industry


ICIC is the leading authority on U.S. urban economies and the businesses that thrive there. Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, ICIC supports public and private sector decision makers with analysis and programs that lead to urban investment, jobs, and economic growth.

About the Inner City 100

For fifteen years, ICIC has been recognizing the 100 fastest-growing businesses located in America's inner cities. The list is published annually in FORTUNE and the winners are invited to attend the Inner City 100 Symposium & Awards event where they gain national visibility and management education from faculty at the Harvard Business School.

Program Benefits

Past Inner City 100 winners have cited meeting major investors, winning multi-million dollar contracts and gaining new customers as a direct result of appearing on the list. Winners will also be invited to the Inner City 100 Symposium & Awards, an event that features a full day of management education with faculty from Harvard Business School, pavilions to showcase unique products produced by urban businesses, and an awards ceremony to network with other high-growth firms. Apply now to join a network of over 700 businesses across the country.

What's New?

We're excited to announce that in 2014 we're adding another dimension to the Inner City 100: 10 x 10. The Inner City 100 will be comprised of the 10 fastest-growing inner city businesses in 10 high-impact industry sectors. Winners will receive recognition among their peers by ranking within the following distinct industries: Construction; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Food & Beverage; Retail; Media & Communications; Software & Information Technology; Transportation & Logistics; Healthcare & Biotechnology; Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, & Tourism. The new rankings will provide winners with greater national visibility and more industry-specific networking opportunities. 

Eligibility for the 2014 Inner City 100

After a company applies, ICIC will assess the following core requirements. 

  • Be an independent, for-profit corporation, partnership or proprietorship that is not a public company, bank, or a holding company
  • Be headquartered in an economically distressed urban area
  • Have ten or more full-time employees in 2013
  • Have a five year operating sales history (2009-2013) that includes an increase in sales from 2012 to 2013 with sales of at least $200,000 in 2009 and $1 million in 2013

For more information about the Inner City 100 program, click here or contact Sathya Vijayakumar at or 617.238.3013.


**Information provided on this application will be used by ICIC and FORTUNE to determine eligibility for the Inner City 100 program and list.

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Revenue Directions

Please input end of year (December 31) revenue numbers in the following format: x,xxx,xxx without dollar signs. These numbers will be used to initially rank your company on the 2014 Inner City 100 list; if you are recognized as a finalist, we will request consolidated financial statements or business tax returns to verify your self-reported figures.

The accuracy of self-reported numbers is an important part of our process and, while reported figures don't need to be exact, we urge you to report these figures with care.
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What benefits do you expect to receive from participating in the Inner City 100 program? Select all that apply: *This question is required.
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Do you know of any other potentially high-growth inner city firms that you think would want to take part in the Inner City 100? If so, please nominate them below:
If there are multiple categories that your company either identifies with or gains substantial revenue from, you may apply to be considered on up to 2 other 10x10 lists below. Please note that this question is optional.