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Health Initiatives Bulk Condom Distribution Policy
  1. Approval of a bulk request is always subject to condom availability.
  2. “Bulk” is defined as a quantity larger than one prepackaged condom bag (six condoms).
  3. All bulk condom requests will be reviewed within one week.
  4. Condom demonstrations and information are available.

Organizations, residence hall programs, classroom activities: Bulk requests are limited to 250 condoms per semester per organization. Condoms and condom instructions must be distributed to Georgia Tech students. Condoms requests are granted so long as legitimate use can be determined. “Legitimate use” is defined as distributing condoms for their intended purpose, as a safer sex device.

Individuals (personal use): Bulk requests for individuals will be considered during times that the student does not have access to Stamps Health Services and/or the facility is not open for normal business hours (i.e. Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break). In these instances, bulk requests will be limited to five prepackaged condom bags.

Safe condom storage: Store condoms at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Never store in a car, refrigerator, or wallet.
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