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By submitting observations, lessons, debriefing outcomes and initiatives you are contributing to learning and improvement of the Victorian Emergency Management sector, see the lessons management video and diagram below. Observations will not be individually actioned, but they are analysed for state-wide trends and contribute to the annual Emergency Management Operational Review, including case study and learning product development.

EM-Share has been released and supersedes the Observation Sharing Centre - you will now be redirected to this link.
EM-Share allows you to share your observations/files from operational and non-operational activities. An observation is a record of a noteworthy fact or occurrence that someone has heard, seen, noticed or experienced as an opportunity for improvement or an example of good practice (refer to Lessons Management Framework).

Observations/files can be submitted at any time convenient to you during or after a deployment, project, shift, incident or season.

Your observation could be a:
  • success or situation that went well,
  • good practice or a way of doing things in a more efficient or safer way,
  • initiative or idea,
  • unexpected experience or outcome, or
  • area for improvement.
In addition to individual observations, you can also share files, including:
  • Reports from monitoring, debriefs, reviews, projects and exercises, once they have been approved by the relevant authority.
  • Documents that describe experiences from interstate and international sources.
  • Articles, videos and weblinks.
  • Learning products that you or someone else has developed, including case studies and infographics.
  • Photos or other files that support your observations.
Click here or on the link above to enter EM-Share and submit your observations, debriefing/monitoring/review outcomes and/or files

How did your deployment go? Do you have something to share that went well, is innovative, an opportunity for improvement? This survey has been developed to complement our debriefing, reviewing and learning processes. It allows you to share observations, lessons, initiatives and opportunities for improvement regarding your deployment interstate/internationally. The information you provide will inform continuous improvement of the Interstate/International Liaison Unit and future deployments.
Click here or on the link above to enter your interstate/international deployment debriefing observations.

Do you have any good ideas or intiatives that your Brigade, Unit, District, Region or Agency have undertaken that you would like to share?

For more information on observations, learning and improvement please contact the State Review Team