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CAWC Renewal

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To maintain your Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation designation, continuing education is required. Over a two year period, CAWC recipients must complete three hours of ethics and seven additional course hours pertaining to workers’ compensation or any other commercial insurance (10 total credit hours every two years).

One credit hour is considered 50 minutes of learning. A half credit hour may be applied for 30 minute sessions.

Classes that are eligible for renewal credits are: 
- Any webinar (live or recorded) offered by AF Group
- Kessler training programs that cover workers’ compensation material
- CIC classes 
- CPCU classes
- Workers’ compensation seminars put on by professional agent associations
- Any other commercial insurance CE course approved by your state of license

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4. Please log your continuing education renewal credits using the table below. Previous entries are saved in our database, but will not reappear on this form. Please email the Agency Education Team with any questions.
Number of Credits Class Type Date Class Title Class Description
Class 1:
Class 2:
Class 3:
Class 4:
Class 5:
Class 6:
Class 7:
Class 8:
Class 9:
Class 10: