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Market research for e-commerce project

Horse-ridding survey

1. Which category includes your age:
2. What is your approximate average household income?
3. What is your relationship status
4. Do you own a horse?
5. How often do you ride a horse?
6. How often do you purchase equitation related products?
7. On average, how much you spend on each purchase of horse-ridding material?
8. Have you ever purchased horse-ridding material on-line?
9. Where did you purchase your last equitation product?
10. Are you satisfied with the current variety of products offered to horse-riders?
11. About horse-ridding material, how important it is to you:
Space Cell Extremely importantVery importantModerately importantSlightly importantNot at all important
Easiness of access
12. If available to you, how likely would you be to use a service that allows you to personalize every item of your horse-ridding equipment?
13. If you are likely to use this service, would you be willing to pay more for customized horse-ridding material?
14. Which product would you be more willing to buy from this type of service:
15. If you are not likely to use this kind of service, why not?
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