IMI Detroit Training Center Schedule

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Training Registration

For BAC members in good standing

Non-members must make special arrangements to attend as a guest, please contact the training director for more infomation.

Don't forget, seats are limited so reserve your space today!

Registration is quick and easy. Please fill out this simple form and arrive early to grab a coffee and a seat.

Select each course you would like to attend and make sure to place it in your calendar.
3. Fit Testing at Warren Training Center

By appointment only.

You must complete the online medical questionnaire before testing.
If you do not have an email account you may complete it at our office prior to the test.

To schedule your appointment select AM or PM and Respirator Type, Full, Half or both below. Tom will reply with next available appointment and Login instructions to complete the Medical Questionnaire. Make sure to list your email and cell number at the bottom of this form, if you have no email we may text or call you to schedule your appointment.

After making your appointment make sure to remember the following:
1. Do not smoke 1 hour prior to testing
2. Arrive clean shaven (no hair in seal) no exceptions.
3. Bring your respirator and make sure to clean it the night before testing. Filters are not needed.
4. Enter center door in rear parking lot, testing is conducted in Coordinators office.
5. Arrive at least 15 minutes early.

20. Please provide your contact information.