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Ann Arbor Traffic Complaint Questionnaire


The City of Ann Arbor is dedicated to the five "E's" of traffic safety: Evaluation, Engineering, Education, Emergency Response, and Enforcement.

If you have a traffic complaint you would like to make City staff aware of, please complete this form.

By completing this form as fully as possible, based on your observations, you will help city staff to evaluate the issue, determine if the issue you raise is common with other respondents', and explore the best options towards a solution. 

Please note that AAPD is unable to change or install traffic control devices.  Please contact the City's Traffic Engineering Department at 734.794.6410 if you wish to make a complaint regarding changes to traffic control devices. 

It is useful for staff to have some way of contacting you if there are additional questions concerning your complaint. Please consider providing contact information as opposed to remaining anonymous. If you provide an email address, you will receive a reply email with a copy of your completed submission. 
May we contact you if we have questions about your traffic complaint? *This question is required.