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Santa Rosa Public Art Survey


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey about public art in Santa Rosa!

Public art is important to the life of many cities throughout the country, including Santa Rosa. It can take a variety of forms – including murals, sculptures, artistically-designed public spaces, or even artist-designed events and performances – that are unique to the site and the community where they take place.

You can help us shape the future of public art in Santa Rosa by answering the questions below. The survey should take you only ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Your responses will help us to better understand your thoughts on public art, where public art would have a strong impact in Santa Rosa, and how public art can create a sense of community, pride and civic engagement.

The results of this survey will help shape the recommendations in the Santa Rosa Public Art Master Plan, which is underway and which we expect to be complete in 2014. The plan is being organized by Santa Rosa's Art in Public Places Program (APPP) in collaboration with the Sonoma County Museum. The plan will outline a vision and goals for public art in Santa Rosa, identify key opportunities for projects and initiatives, provide a framework for identifying the resources needed, and define procedures for decision–making and oversight.

For the purposes of this survey we are defining "public art" as original works of art that have been planned and executed with the goal of being located in a public place and accessible to everybody. Public art can be permanent, temporary or functional. It can be part of a building, structure or public space, integrated with the work of other design professionals. While public art is generally considered to be visual art, such as sculptures and murals, it can also incorporate original dance, literary, musical or theatrical compositions that are original and site-specific.

APPP and the Museum, working with its public art consultants, want to make sure there is significant public input into this plan. This survey is just one of the ways that you can join the discussion about public art in Santa Rosa. For more information about the public art program, the planning effort, and how to get involved visit our web site.