PlanVision Pre-Planning Experience with Advisors and Expectations

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Thanks for your interest in PlanVision’s financial guidance. Before we talk, we would like to get a sense of your experience with investments and advisement as well as your expectations. This should take about 1 to 2 minutes.

As you answer these questions keep in mind that we do not accept any commissions or revenue sharing or referral fees! You simply pay us for guidance.  Your cost is $96.  This covers twelve months.

We provide all of our guidance through phone, email and video conference.  By the way, if you don't think our assistance was helpful you can request your money back within 60 days from the date our guidance begins! 

We have no conflicts of interest that influence our guidance or recommendations!!
Please indicate all that you would like help with - there might be overlap for some of these:
Have you had experience with an advisor before (not including PlanVision) or are you currently working with one (which is fine - our guidance could supplement what they do for you)?
Do you get informal investment or financial planning guidance, or help, from a family member or friend?
The people we work with have very different expectations for how much they want to learn, or be "educated", about the topics we cover as we provide guidance. We are all different in this regard. Please indicate how much you prefer to know. You are not bound by this answer. It just gives a better sense of how we can help you!
Who else might be involved in this process?
Contact Information
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