El Paso Public Art Master Plan Survey

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey about public art in El Paso!

Public art is  important to the life of many cities throughout the country, including El Paso – taking a range of forms that include murals, sculptures, artist-designed infrastructure and public spaces, and even artist-designed events.

You can help us shape the future of public art in El Paso by answering the questions below. It should take you only ten minutes to complete, and your responses will be anonymous. By sharing your thoughts, you will help us to better understand your thoughts on public art, where public art would have a strong impact in the city, and how projects can create a sense of community, pride and engagement.

The results of this survey will help shape the recommendations in the El Paso Public Art Master Plan, which is underway and which we expect to be complete in 2014. The plan, which is being organized by El Paso’s public art program, will outline a vision and goals for public art in El Paso, and identify key opportunities for projects and initiatives.

For more information about El Paso's public art program, click here.