GRACA Final Report

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To complete the GRACA Final report, please have the following ready:

- An abstract/description of the activities that you were able to accomplish with the grant.
- A list of any conferences attended, papers written, or any other achievements accomplished through your research.
- The pdfs or word docs of any papers or abstracts you wish to upload.
9. Was the Project Completed? *This question is required.
10. Please attach an Abstract of Work Accomplished (200-300 words): *This question is required.
11. Were the project findings presented at the Student Research and Creative Activity Fair? *This question is required.
Include the name, date, and location of the event(s).
13. Were there any publications or other reports emanating from project? *This question is required.
Be sure to mention the title of the publication, as well as the name of the journal (if applicable).
15. Please upload any publications or any other reports generated by this project:
17. Was external grant funding applied for as a result or as a continuation of this project? *This question is required.
19. Was external grant funding awarded? *This question is required.