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2014 State of Community Management Survey

Participant Contact Info & Demographics

Welcome to The Community Roundtable's 2014 State of Community Management survey!

Please answer these questions based on your experience with one specific community. We expect most survey participants to be community managers, community strategists, community program leaders and volunteers who have community management responsibilities.

We are interested in learning more about communities at all levels of maturity, so your response is important to us even if your community is in the early stages of development.

If you have questions, please contact Thank you for participating!
1. Contact Info *This question is required.We are collecting this information solely to contact you if we have questions about or to verify your responses and to share research results. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose, unless requested.
3. What classification best describes your community's purpose? *This question is required.For the purposes of this question, external communities are those that primarily serve people outside of the organization, and internal communities are those that primarily serve employees.
For the purposes of this question please respond based on your definition of 'member' and 'community.'
6. Please specify the human resources that contribute to the management of this community. *This question is required.