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World Sound Healing Day 2014

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Dear Sound Friends:

This year we’ll be celebrating the 13th Annual World Sound Healing Day!

In order to help further amplify our ability to interface and effect the Gaia consciousness, we are making available a FREE special 5 minute recording called “The AH Training Wave”.

 This recording is a special instructional tool that will assist you in creating heart / brain coherence (to amplify your energy field) and also enable you to practice toning the “AH” sound.  This will help create an even more powerful Sacred Sound encoded with the energy of Light & Love that can be used on World Sound Healing Day.

To help facilitate this project we ask that you kindly give us your feedback by answering this brief questionnaire and sending it back to us.  This will assist us in our co-creative work using sound as a frequency shifting phenomenon.

Please know that the return question will be treated totally confidentially.  Thank you so much for your participation.

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound!

Jonathan Goldman

1. I feel relaxed and at ease upon listening to the recording.
2. I feel confident and empowered upon listening to the recording.
3. I felt the guided mediation was helpful
4. I felt that toning along with the sound of the “AH” was helpful
5. I felt my own sound became stronger upon using this recording
Will you be hosting a World Sound Healing Day event?
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