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Dance Assessment

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2. Grade
3. Modern Class
4. Ballet Class
5. Assessment Date
6. Year
7. Work Habits and Attitude: Excellent initiative and adaptability, continually seeks ways to learn and improve, makes significant contributions to the group
8. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Relates well to all kinds of people, builds constructive and effective relationships, goes the "extra mile" to make the team successful
9. Dependability: Highly dependable and conscientious, seldom late or absent for class/rehearsal
10. Work Quality: Consistently submits high quality work, accurate and neat on both routine and complex assignments
11. Initiative: Consistently strives to improve productivity, assumes leadership roles without prompting
12. Proper use of turn out: Ability to access rotation from the hip joint, use full rotation on both standing and gesture leg, maintain rotation in stillness, body positions and in motion
13. Proper use of plie': Ability to maintain correct alignment during plie (knees over toes, heels down in demi, etc . . .), use full range of motion, plie is functional in preparing for and landing from movements
14. Proper use of feet: Demonstrates clear articulation of the feet (toe, ball, heel & heel, ball, toe), feet push through the floor, feet and ankles are stretched in movements and positions without sickling
15. Proper execution of extension: Ability to utilize flexibility in extension, maintains proper alignment and desired line during execution of extension
16. Proper execution of turns: Demonstrates clear preparation and landing position of turn, proper placement of feet, legs and arms during desired turn, clean spot while executing turn
17. Proper execution of jumps: Utilizes appropriate pliƩ for take-off and landing including heels down, clear articulation of the feet, proper body placement during the jump
18. Core Connectivity: Highly developed sense of core in movement to mobilize and stabilize the body
19. Rhythmic Accuracy: Ability to adhere to the rhythmic framework of a given sequence
20. Spatial Awareness: Sensitive to group interactions in space
21. Consistency of Style: Exceptionally coherent presentation of prescribed choreography
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