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Pro Safe Sport - Practice Example

Practice example on the promotion of a safe and healthy sport environment

With this survey the project Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes (PSS) of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe and its partners would like to collect practice examples on the promotion of a safe and healthy sport environment for young athletes. If you know of any initiative which promotes a safe and healty sport environment for young athletes, we would like to hear about it and kindly ask you to fill in this questionnaire.

These practice examples could cover areas such as:
- Prevention of injuries and education on safety
- Promotion of fair play
- Relevant policies and/ or code of ethics
- Initiatives against sexual abuse/ harassment
- Relevant training of coaches
- Relevant educational programmes
- Relevenat policies such as code of ethics

Your contribution to this survey is very much appreciated! Therefore, as a token of our appreciation, three small prizes will be given away by drawing lots from all completely submitted project examples.

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