Summer Food Service Program-Field Trip Notification 2016

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Please enter complete Sponsor ID, Sponsor name and locations.  Up to five field trips may be entered on this form.  Send changes/cancellations to our office with questions at 651-582-8526 or 800-366-8922.

Reminder:  If Food and Nutrition Service does not receive the completed Field Trip Notification form by 8:00 a.m. the day of the field trip, meals will be considered "consumed off-site" and may not be claimed for reimbursement.

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By submitting this form you are certifying that the following requirements will be met:
-All Summer Food Service Program regulations continue to apply to meals served off-site.

-Field trips are required to have one staff person trained to monitor and complete the Daily Meal Count form.
-Ensure the temperatures, safety and quality of meals by using adequate storage equipment to transport meals.
-Complete the Daily Meal Count form and return to the food service manager to add to the Food Production Record.
-Field trip meal counts are recorded as a separate line item for the daily meal counts.
-"Open Sites" must continue to operate as an open site even when a field trip occurs.