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Melton NP Business Survey

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Melton Neighbourhood Plan
Melton Neighbourhood Plan

  • It may identify new ideas for improving the community of Melton.
  • It will give the Parish Council a list of key objectives.
  • It will provide the Parish Council with a mandate to implement the proposals that you favour and resist those, which you don’t. 
  • It will be used to submit views to Suffolk Coastal District Council on land use in and around Melton.
  • It will promote partnership between businesses and the community.

The information collected from the questionnaires will be used to prepare the Melton Neighbourhood Plan, which, if passed by referendum, will become planning policy and will form part of the Suffolk Coastal Local Development Plan.

The LDF is an important part of local authority planning. It is a group of planning documents that will shape the future of our district for the foreseeable future. The Neighbourhood Plan, once voted in by referendum, will be one of these documents. The District Council is currently looking at their 15-year land supply that will include commercial as well as housing sites in Melton. Now is the opportunity to create the planning policy, through the Melton Neighbourhood Plan, to say where and how many commercial premises and houses should be built, and most importantly, the infrastructure that needs to be in place.

NOW is the time for YOU to help shape the future of Melton.

Remember, it’s your village; it’s your Neighbourhood Plan. The greater the response to the questionnaire, the greater the credibility of the Plan.

We will retain the personal information that you provide (i.e. name, address) for no longer than two years after the end of the Neighbourhood Plan process, and will only use it for the purposes of communication via the Parish Council, and to enable the analysis and verification of the data provided by you in the survey. It will not be shown in any public document or disclosed to any third party. All general views, opinions and answers will be used publicly but anonymously for the purposes of the Neighbourhood Plan.
5. Are you self-employed?
6. Is your business located in
7. Into which category does your business fall?
8. How many people do you employ (sub-contractors)?
9. How many people do you employ (seasonal part-time)?
10. How many people do you employ (permanent part-time)?
11. How many people do you employ (permanent full-time)?
12. How many people do you employ (Temporary)?
13. How many people do you employ (Apprentices)?
14. How many of your employees (sub-contractors) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
15. How many of your employees (seasonal part-time) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
16. How many of your employees (seasonal full time) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
17. How many of your employees (permanent part time) live or work in Melton or Woodbridge?
18. How many of your employees (permanent full-time) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
19. How many of your employees (temporary) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
20. How many of your employees (apprentices) live in Melton or Woodbridge?
21. Do any of your local employees have problems in finding appropriate local accommodation in Melton?
22. If you needed to expand the size of your business premises, would you be able to do that in Melton?
23. If yes to the previous question please answer : what type of premises would your business require; otherwise please go to the next question?
24. Do you expect to create job opportunities in the future?
25. Do you expect to reduce your workforce in the future?

(This information will be used only to provide an overall picture and will be kept strictly confidential)
26. Do you have a shortage of skilled employees?
28. If you have had problems filling job vacancies over the last 12 months? Was it because of: (Please tick all that apply)
29. Does your business have a need for any of the following training in Melton? (Tick all that apply.)
30. How do you advertise your job vacancies? (Tick all that apply.)
31. How do you rank the following services?

1 = Very Good; 2 = Good; 3 = Average; 4 = Poor; 5 = Not Applicable
Very Good
Mains Water Supply
Mains Gas Supply
Mains Electricity Supply
Refuse Collection
Street Lighting
Street Cleaning
Gritting and snow clearing
Landline Telephone
Mobile Phone Reception
Postal Service
Public Transport
32. Q17) What are your views on the standard of the following services provided to Melton?
Very Good
Fire Brigade
Police (Emergency)
Community Police Officer
Ambulance (Emergency)
Hospital (Transport)
Public Transport
33. How do the following effect the smooth running of your business?
Not at all
To a limited degree
To a large degree
Traffic Flow through the Village
37. What could your business do to engage with the community?
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