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EPD Template

Project Introduction

This Survey Will Be Closing on March 11
Thank you for collaborating with Architecture 2030 and CannonDesign on the creation of an open standard EPD/EPD Summary Template. As actual consumers of EPDs, the usability and widespread adoption of the template is dependent upon feedback from the design community, and Architecture 2030 and CannonDesign greatly appreciate this stakeholder input.

Project Overview:
Beyond simply a list of requirements, the template will be a full graphic layout for a Full EPD Template/A Full EPD Summary Template/A Sectioned EPD Summary Template. In addition, the template could establish best practices, such as including definitions of technical terms or using non-scientific numbers (such as 0.1 instead of 1E-1). If adopted by all U.S. EPD Program Operators and/or manufacturers, a well-designed template would greatly simplify the process of reading, comprehending, and using the hundreds of EPDs anticipated to be developed for building products. It could also help with quality control and harmonization between the various programs.

Target Audiences:
/ Implemented by EPD Program Operators and/or manufacturers
/ Used by architects, designers, etc. who have limited LCA/PCR/EPD knowledge
/ NOT intended for LCA practitioners/experts who require more technical details

/ Scientific Credibility
/ Clarity and consistency of presented information
/ Ability to differentiate brand (Manufacturer & EPD Program Operator)
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