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Pass/Fail Request for Students Studying Abroad at NYU Sites

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ead the information below, fill out all the information and press the submit button to send your request to Steinhardt Advisement and Registration. (You can only request this option for one course on a single form. If you wish to request a pass/fail option for another class, you must complete another form.)

The DEADLINE for the pass/fail grade option is the end of the NINTH week after your classes begin. The dates are site-specific, and you can find them at We must receive your request by midnight (your local time) on the date indicated for your request to be valid.

Your request will go to Steinhardt Registration and Advisement, and we will contact your advisor for her/his approval before we complete your request. If approved, your request will take 2-3 days for the P/F indicator to appear in your student center (go to your Albert Student Center and select Enrollment → Term →  Class; the P/F Opt will appear under Class Preferences when it is approved). If your request is not approved by your advisor, we will send you a notification of the denial.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Steinhardt Advisement and  Registration Services at 212.998.5055 or email Direct any questions you may have about whether you should take a course as pass/fail to your academic advisor before completing this form.

Important Information:

  • You must be matriculated in NYU Steinhardt to request a pass/fail grade
  • You must make this request before the end of the NINTH week of the term
  • You cannot take foreign language courses offered on-site as pass/fail.
  • You may not take more than 25% of your total program as pass/fail nor can you take more than 25% of your specialization courses as pass/fail, and you are responsible for complying with these restrictions.
  • Some courses are designated as pass/fail only, and these are not included in your 25% pass/fail limit.
  • You cannot select the pass/fail option for graduate-level courses in the Stern School of Business.
  • You may rescind a request that you submitted but must adhere to the same deadline - the NINTH week of the term
  • A grade of P is not counted in your GPA; however, F grades will be counted in your GPA.
  • Undergraduates: To qualify for Latin honors, you must complete at least 64 units toward the degree in letter grades (not pass/fail) in residence at NYU. To qualify for the Dean's List you must complete all your term courses in letter grades (except those only offered as pass/fail).
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