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Donation Survey

We understand that you did not donate to SikhNet this year, and that there are many possible reasons for this. SikhNet's primary goal is to delight you. Will you take a minute to help us serve you better by answering a few anonymous questions? Thank you!
1. Have you ever donated to SikhNet before?
3. If you did not make a donation to SikhNet this year, would you kindly let us know the reasons? Please select all that apply.
4. How Important are the following items to you? Which of them would make you more likely to donate to SikhNet?
Space Cell Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantVery Important
Being able to receive a tax deduction in my country for my donation to SikhNet
Being able to donate in my local currency rather than just US Dollars (eg: English Pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars, Australian Dollars, etc)
Avoiding International transaction fees charged on my donation to SikhNet
I would need to see changes or improvements in SikhNet services