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Etsy’s Seller Story Submission Form

Thanks for your interest in sharing your story with us! Etsy cares deeply about supporting our community by putting a spotlight on unique stories and providing educational resources and valuable information to sellers at all stages of their businesses.

We’re always looking for new business tips, ideas, and real-life Etsy seller stories that will inspire and help others learn and grow.

We also look for meaningful seller stories and content to share with the press and on our social media channels. 

If you are interested in catching our attention on our social channels, check out the #EtsyWorkspace and #EtsyProcess tags on Instagram. Our team looks to these tags to share great process videos and amazing Etsy workspaces.

If you are interested in pitching an idea to us, here’s what we need in order to take your story into consideration:
1. Tell us about yourself. *This question is required.
2. Is running your business your full-time job? *This question is required.

Do you run your business by yourself, or work with others? 

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In submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree that Etsy (1) will not confirm receipt of your submission, (2) does not guarantee that you will be featured, and (3) all information provided in this form will be used by Etsy in accordance with Etsy’s Privacy Policy. You may request removal or the non-use of your information at any time.