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UFH Family Medicine Fellowship Application Form

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United Family Healthcare
Center for Primary Care Practice and Education
Family Medicine Fellowship Application Form

Introduction: Thank you for considering to become a Family Medicine Fellow with UFH's Family Medicine Training Program. This is an exciting opportunity for you to work in an innovative private healthcare system that has been in China since 1997, operating three hospitals and ten clinics across China. In addition, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to receive training developed by former family medicine faculty from the United States and supervised by a medical staff team from all over the world. Upon completion of your training, you may be offered an opportunity to become a permanent family medicine medical staff of UFH, a privilege now mainly occupied by physicians who have had to study abroad first.

The target fellows are expected to have:
1. Master level or higher medical degree;
2. Medical license in China;
3. Completed mandatory government three-year residency rotation programs or overseas clinical experiences;
4. Good command of English and Mandarin skills;
5. Chinese nationals preferred.

Interested applicants should submit the following:
1. This completed application form
2. Upload a typed resume(at the end of application)
    a) English only 
    b) Identifying information (name, email, phone number)
    c) Education high school and above in chronological order
    d) Work Experience: List relevant experience in chronological order
    e) Other information as space permits.
3. Upload a picture of yourself
4. Copy of your medical school graduation certificate

If you do not receive email confirmation within 10 working days of your application submission or have other concerns, please email the Program at or We do not send out notices or reminders for incomplete applications.