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PM&R Knowledge NOW - Editorial Board Application

Job Description

A Knowledge NOW Editor Must:
  • Be a current Fellow member of AAPM&R in good standing.
  • Meet all pre-established deadlines relating to the peer review/editing of topics
  • Be accessible by email and phone to both fellow volunteers and AAPM&R staff to resolve issues that may arise
  • Learn how to use the online content review/editing platform (training will be provided)
  • Inform the editorial office in the event you are no longer able to fulfill your role and need to have to end your term early. Should this occur, you will do your best to complete any outstanding editing assignments currently assigned

  • While reviewing a topic submission, consider existing evidence (this may require a literature review/search on PubMed) when preparing his/her comment on any inconsistencies of current work with previous research in that area
  • Confirm topic submission parameters are followed (topic templates will be provided to you), references are current and correctly cited
  • Reinforce guidelines with authors and provide professional feedback via commentary
  • Provide adequate editing/review to minimize the Editorial Board Leader’s editing
  • Participate in special projects, such as yearly Table of Contents Review and assist in helping shape the future of NOW content
  • Participate on regular conference calls (as needed)
  • Review 4-6 clinical topic submissions annually
  • Adhere to all Editor deadlines (which requires is a 2/3 week turnaround of editor assignments)
  • Work independently up to 7-10 hours to edit/review/comment on project related items.
  • Contact the Editorial Board Leader and staff when I am not able to attend a conference call
  • Support the project through active attendance and/or participation.
  • Complete any additional tasks/projects assigned to me.
1. Do you agree to the terms listed above?