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The Productivity Workflow Formula (PWF) Self-Assessment

Perhaps you’re here because you read about this assessment in my book, What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do: Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day. Perhaps you found it through a social media channel. Perhaps you’re in a book club with others in your organization. Regardless of what brought you here, you’re taking the next important step toward saving 90 minutes a day—discovering where you are now.

This self-assessment will assess your strengths and improvement opportunities in the six steps of the Productivity Workflow Formula (PWF):

1. Determine what to do. Study your work requirements closely; triage your to-do lists; handle timewasters; and decide to do only what really matters.
2. Schedule time to do it. Assign time slots and durations appropriately; say no when appropriate; make decisions quickly; and control your meetings.
3. Focus your attention. Hone your concentration to razor sharpness; shut out distractions; learn focus techniques; and avoid multitasking.
4. Process new information. Research effectively; file digital information; and quickly handle incoming email voicemail, and paper.
5. Close the loop. Determine what does and doesn’t work; reduce inefficiencies; solve people problems and bottlenecks; and tighten up systems as you go.
6. Manage your capacity. Focus on the physical factors affecting your energy; manage sleep, diet, exercise, and your own happiness.

Your results will show you which of the six steps is your strongest and weakness, so you can “jump” right to that chapter to begin your work (you don’t have to read the book from the beginning).

Congratulations on taking this exciting and courageous next step of awareness and growth in your personal development!