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Employer Survey

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Thank you for participating in the SC Works Greater Upstate Employer Survey. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form and submit back to us. Your feedback helps to ensure that our services meet your needs.
3. Please Rate each of the services you received based on outcome.
Space Cell Exceeded ExpectationsMet ExpectationsBelow ExpectationsN/A
Applicant Referrals (Applicant Screening)
Assistance in Response to a Layoff
Customized Training Grant
Federal Bonding
Incumbent WorkerTraining Grant
Job Fair
Job Posting
Provision of Labor Market Information
On the Job Training Grant
Rapid Response Services
SC Works Online Services (SCWOS)
Testing and Assessments
Unemployment Insurance Claim Filing
Work Experience Agreement
WorkKeys Job Profiling
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
4. How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with the service(s)received:
Space Cell Exceeded ExpectationsMet ExpectationsBelow ExpectationsN/A
Overall Satisfaction
Content Expertise
Effort to Meet Your Needs
Overall Performance of SC Works Professional
5. Do you feel that the SC Works representative offered a potential solution to meet your recruitment and/or training needs?
6. Do you plan to use SC Works Greater Upstate for your future labor force needs?
7. Would you recommend SC Works Greater Upstate to another company?
9. Would you like someone from SC Works Greater Upstate to follow-up with you?