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AuPairCare Alumni Form - Share Your Story

AuPairCare Alumni go on to do some amazing things! Tell us what you’ve been doing since your program ended and how being an au pair changed your life! 
Au pairs like Chatchaya, Lizbeth, and Barbara now live around the world and are making strides in the professional careers!
First, enter your personal information and share what you're doing now. Then upload a photo & submit!  
1. Personal Information
2. Would you be interested in helping to spread the word about AuPairCare and recruit new participants to the au pair program? *This question is required.
Did your English skills help you get an awesome job? Did your year abroad inspire you to travel? Did you make life-long friends during your program?
Tell us about your Employment! *This question is required.
6. Upload a Photo *This question is required.*Photo should be of just you, with nobody else, and of good quality.
By submitting my story, and/or image(s), I authorize Intrax Inc to contact me via email and to use my submission for global promotional and marketing pieces. This includes, but is not limited to; print, online, audio and video media formats. *This question is required.