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Language Ideologies of Tertiary Teachers in China / 中国高校教师言语观

General Instructions

General Instructions:
The purpose of this questionnaire is to discover the beliefs and opinions of tertiary teachers in China who teach the English language or teach their content subjects using English as the medium of instruction or using an English-Chinese bilingual approach. Both foreign and Chinese teachers are eligible to participate.
All data collected will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. Your participation is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time. This survey contains two parts, and should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation!
本问卷的目的在于探究中国高校教师的观念和观点,这里的教师特指英语教师、其他专业使用英语或中英双语教学的教师。高校里的中国教师和外国教师均是本次调查对象。 问卷采用匿名填写的形式,所有搜集到的信息均会被严格保密。问卷为自愿填写,您可以在任何时间内填答本问卷。问卷分为两部分,填写问卷大约会占用您15分钟的时间。 衷心感谢您的参与!
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