Bicycle Accessories

Bicycles and Bike Accessories
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This survey is being conducted by the Industrial Design students at James Madison University. The answers to all questions are completely anonymous and are for research purposes only. All questions and responses are to be used to better understand cyclists and their experiences. Surveyors may exit at anytime if needed.
1. Do you own a bicycle? *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
2. On average, what is your estimated duration of time on your bike for a single trip?
3. How often do you ride your bicycle? *This question is required.
4. Where do you ride your bicycle? (Check all that apply)
5. Describe your area?
6. What type of road conditions do you often face?
7. During what time of day do/would your bicycle get the most use? (Check all that apply)
8. How would you rate your experience of traveling by bicycle? Explain
9. What are the top 2 challenges you face when traveling by bike?
  • * This question is required.
10. What problems do you often face with your bike? (please choose 2)
11. If you could change any part of your bike, what would it be?
13. Do you carry any of the following items with you when traveling by bicycle? (Check those that apply)
14. What accessories do you currently have on/for your bike? (Check all that apply)
15. Do you experience any body discomforts when cycling?
16. Do you often travel with a group of other cyclists?
17. Do you listen to music when you ride your bike?
18. How often do you wear a helmet?
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