SPR 2014: Student Evaluation of the FLS & Facilitator

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Please take the time to fill out the following post-evaluation. We will use the information you give us to assess the effectiveness of the Facilitated Learning Sessions that were created for your class. Your responses are extremely important in helping us better serve the needs of our students.
3. The primary reason I am attending this FLS is: (Please select one)
4. Please rate the FLS Experience
4. Please rate the FLS ExperienceStrongly Disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly Agree(5)
I was able to learn from other students in the FLS
My study skills (ex. note taking, textbook reading, test taking)improved as a result of participating in the FLS
I would participate in a Facilitated Learning Session (FLS) again
I would recommend the FLS to another student
My instructor frequently promoted the FLS during class
5. These questions will provide feedback to the facilitator:
5. These questions will provide feedback to the facilitator:Strongly Disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly Agree (5)
Presented appropriate material
Chose activities that fit student objectives
Promoted an effective group learning experience
Encouraged critical thinking & analysis of material
Communicated effectively regarding the subject
Was responsive to my learning needs
Listened to students
I would recommend this facilitator to another student