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Spring 2014 - CMSC838f Peer Review of Partner Work - MPA03


Peer Review of MPA03

If you ever want to discuss your team dynamic with me (either as individuals or together as a team), please email me to setup an appointment. My door is open.

Why Peer Review?

Because team work is so essential to this class (and, honestly, to work in the real-world). As such, it's important that we track certain metrics of contribution and performance. Part of this comes from you assessing yourself and part of this comes from your partner assessing you. Although each person will be assigned the same score on an assignment/project, these peer evaluations will be used in assessing your class participation grades and in influencing your final grade in the class (e.g., if you are a borderline B+ and your peer evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, this could bump you to an A- or an A).

Note: the feedback that you enter here WILL NOT be shared. However, I welcome you to politely discuss your project with your partner, reflect on the process, and discuss your teamwork. These sorts of "soft skills" are incredibly important to your future success whether it's in academia or in industry.