Illegal Organ Donation 2

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1. What age group are you in?
2. What gender are you?
3. Which of the following best describes your ethnicity?
4. What best describes your religion?
5. What best describes your employment status?
6. Are you on the NHS Organ Donor Register?
7. Why are you not on the NHS Organ Donor Register? (Tick all that apply)
8. What were your reasons for signing up on the organ donation register? (Tick all that apply)
9. What are you willing to donate? (Please tick all that apply)
11. Do you agree with the current opt in system that we currently have? (Opt in- you are not on the organ register until you voluntarily fill in a form in order to donate)
12. Would you sell an organ to pay off debt?
13. How aware are you about illegal organ donation?
14. Are you aware of the countries involved in selling organs illegally?
15. If you or a loved one badly needed an organ and could afford to pay for one, would you illegally buy one? (Please give reasons for your answer below in 'other' box)
16. Should we import organs from other countries? (Please give reasons for your answer below in 'other' box)
17. In your opinion, what causes people not to donate organs? (Tick the best that applies).
18. In your opinion, what would be the best method from the list below to increase the number of organ donors?
19. Would you be willing to donate your organs to foreigners? (Please give reasons for your answer in 'other' box).
20. What do you think about organ donation for money?
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