The ASR Services Innovation Index RK Newsletter Survey

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Thank you for participating in the Australian Services Roundtable Services Innovation Index. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire explores various aspects of the Australian services economy in relation to innovation within services. There are four sections; Innovation within Your Organization, Services Innovation within Your Organization, Technology and Innovation and Demographics. For the integrity of the survey, we ask you to read the definition below before proceeding. On completion of the survey in full, you will automatically be provided with information as to where you will be able to obtain a short summary on the overall results and your organization's services innovation rating.

For what follows, use the following definition:

Innovation:  A new way of doing things that results in improved productivity, efficiency or increased revenue.
Introduction - Innovation at Your Organization
1. Indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following statement: "Innovation is a core business value in our organization."
2. How important do you feel innovation is to the success of your organization?
3. Against your peers, do you consider your organization to be
4. Please rate the financial impact you think your organization's efforts on innovation have had for your organization.
5. Is there someone at your organization who is directly responsible for innovation?
6. Distribute 100 points over the following categories to indicate where your organization focuses the majority of its innovation endeavors.[Total must add to 100.]
Total : 0
7. In which of the following innovation-related activities does your organization engage?
(Select all that apply)
8. How are the innovation activities you selected above financed within your organisation?
(Select no more than 2)
9. Does your organization have a specific department whose responsibility is focused exclusively on innovation-related activities?