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Entrepreneur Registration Form

Thank you for choosing to apply to become a Mowgli Entrepreneur!

The process begins with this application form. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. Once we have reviewed the forms we will contact the successful applicants and invite them to attend an interview, either in person or by telephone.

This application form consists of questions about you, your business and your motivation to join the program. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and you may save your progress and return to it later if you wish. Please note questions marked with a * are mandatory and only completed application forms will be considered.

Good luck!

1. By completing this registration form, you are consenting to Mowgli Mentoring storing and using your data for the following purposes:
  • We will securely store and use your contact details to send you information relating directly to your application to the program.
  • We will use your contact details to inform you of progress with your application and potentially to offer you an interview for a place on the program.
  • If we interview you for a place on the program, we will use your data to discuss your experience and suitability for the program with you during interview.

If your application is successful, we will use your details for the following purposes:

During the program:
  • We may publish your details strictly to members of your own participant group as part of information distributed to participants. If you do not opt in, your details will not be included in any information shared with your fellow participants. The legal basis for processing and storing your data for this purpose is consent.
*This question is required.
  • We will use the data you provide in your registration form to capture baseline metrics against which we can measure your progress on the program. This will provide us with impact data that we will use in confidential impact reporting for the program funder. We will also use this impact data within broader organisational impact reporting but all data for this purpose will be anonymised. Impact reporting will enable Mowgli to prove the case for mentoring and secure funding for further programs where we can reach more beneficiaries and is therefore a really important aspect of our work. The legal basis for processing and storing your data for this purpose is legitimate interest.
*This question is required.
  • We will securely share your relevant details strictly with the Mowgli Facilitators who will be directly supporting us with the delivery of your specific program. The Facilitators will use your details for the following purposes:
    • To tailor their approach to delivering certain elements of the Mowgli program syllabus
    • To inform their approach to matching mentors and mentees on the program
    • To provide feedback to Mowgli on how we may best support you, and the wider program cohort, during the program
The legal basis for processing and storing your data for this purpose is legitimate interest.

During and after the program:
  • Mowgli Mentoring would like to stay in touch with you during and when you have completed your program and become a member of our alumni. We may send occasional newsletters, email updates with information that we believe will be of interest to you, or feedback requests.
*This question is required.
4. Your Preferences:
We may publish pictures and / or videos of the program which include your image on social media, our website and in impact reports.

  *This question is required.
5. We may use quotes you provide within your feedback to Mowgli within testimonials about Mowgli *This question is required.