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#PhoneAFriend for PrepareAthon

For many people “getting prepared” is a good idea that most of us hope to get around to someday. And if/when we do find the time to prepare, our first question is often “where do I start?”

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) suggests starting small with a phone call. Specifically, DEMA asks you to:

1) CALL or TEXT the Out-of-Town Contact listed in your Family Communication Plan. If you don't have a Family Communication Plan, download a plan template from

2) TELL us the city and state (no names or addresses) where your Out-of-Town lives. We’ll “pin” his or her location on our #PhoneAFriend for PrepareAthon map.

Where does your Out-of-Town Contact live?

Tell us the city/town and state where your Out-of-Town Contact lives so that we can mark the location on our #PhoneAFriend for PrepareAthon map--proof that the Whole Community is taking steps to prepare for all hazards.

If you don’t have an Out-of-Town Contact, it takes only a few minutes to:

1) Look through your Contacts for a friend or relative who--preferably--lives outside the state.

2) Call or text that person. Ask him or her to be your family's Out-of-Town Contact, and offer to be theirs in return.

3) Update your Family Communication Plan.