CAPIC Attestation - For Out-Of-State Doctoral Academic Program Representatives

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Background and Context:

This attestation has been prepared to help ensure that you understand how your students may be impacted by obtaining a CAPIC internship.    A similar attestation is also required of your students. This is for everyone's benefit.

There is a national shortage of qualified doctoral internship programs for psychology students.   At the same time, CAPIC-member internships have had open positions remaining after our online match process has finished.  
To help address this imbalance for students and our internship sites, CAPIC is inviting qualified out-of-state Doctoral Academic Programs to participate in the CAPIC match process.    

To ensure participating students have adequate academic training to meet CAPIC standards, we have a two-tiered review.  
  • If your doctoral academic program is APA-accredited, it meets CAPIC standards. No further review is required although this attestation must still be completed.  
  • If your doctoral academic program is not APA-accredited but is regionally accredited (e.g. WASC, HLC, etc.) your program is eligible for the CAPIC match.  CAPIC board review of the program is needed in addition to this attestation.  See our separate email for more details and review the application checklist on our website, which also includes our academic program membership criteria.
  • For 2016-17, any newly approved out-of-state doctoral academic program member would be assessed membership dues of $250.  For subsequent years, these programs would be assessed the normal annual dues amount for out-of-state members, which is currently set by the CAPIC Board at $500.
For the upcoming 2017 CAPIC match process (for 2017-2018 internships), your students are able to participate in the entire CAPIC online match process.  Previously, out-of-state Doctoral Academic Programs could only participate with Clearinghouse, which begins after the online match rounds.

Please also note that the 2017 CAPIC online match schedule is later this year than in previous years, with student application materials due by February 27th, the ranking deadline on March 29th and the CAPIC match results posted on April 5th. Students may participate in both APPIC matches and then (if unmatched) in the CAPIC match. An online match constitutes a binding internship agreement, and students are responsible for ensuring double (APPIC/CAPIC) matches do not occur. The full 2017 CAPIC online match schedule is posted here


We recognize that different states have different standards for the licensure of psychologists.  

CAPIC-member internships are accepted by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member internships.  

CAPIC membership criteria for
internships is based on APPIC membership criteria.  CAPIC also maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance program including periodic site visits of its programs.
If you wish for your students to participate in the CAPIC match process (e.g. in our Post-Clearinghouse phase) and possibly obtain a CAPIC internship, you must agree to abide by certain guidelines as articulated below.   
  • You must provide your name, title, Doctoral Academic Program and email address for identification purposes; 
  • You must indicate your understanding and/or agreement for each item given below;
  • You must, by providing your name and today's date at the end of this document, attest to your understanding of and agreement to these terms.  

Please note that your agreement to these terms is needed for your student's internship at a CAPIC-member site to be considered a CAPIC internship.  
If you do NOT wish to participate, please let us know.  We will inform any of your students who might apply that they are not eligible for a CAPIC internship at this time. 

If you have questions about CAPIC or this attestation process, please let us know.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and best of success to you and your students.

René Puliatti
CAPIC Executive Director
Identifying Information:
1. I understand that, in order for any students from my doctoral academic program to participate in the CAPIC match process and accept a CAPIC internship, the doctoral academic program must also accept a CAPIC internship as meeting its requirements.    *This question is required.
2. I understand that while CAPIC-member internships are accepted by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member internships, CAPIC internships are not APA-accredited internships.   *This question is required.
3. I understand that an online match constitutes a binding internship agreement, and a breach of an online match is a violation of CAPIC policy.   *This question is required.
4. I understand that licensure requirements for psychologists vary from state to state and that acceptance by other states is not guaranteed. *This question is required.
5. I understand that many CAPIC sites offer 1500 hours of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) while some states (and Doctoral Academic Programs) require 2000 hours.  Students should confirm the number of expected SPE hours with the internship site to ensure it meets those requirements, as appropriate. This info is available on each internship program's online profile.  *This question is required.
6. I understand that CAPIC encourages but does not require internships to provide stipends to its interns.  Approximately half of CAPIC internships are funded (i.e. provide stipends).  This info is available on each internship program's online profile.  *This question is required.
7. I understand that some employers (e.g. US Department of Veterans Affairs aka VA) only accept internship experience gained at APA-accredited internship programs. *This question is required.

I agree to comply with all CAPIC policies, the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, as well as with the Laws and Regulations of the California Board of Psychology, as they may apply to any of my students attending a CAPIC internship.

*This question is required.

By providing my name, title and the date below, I formally attest that I am an authorized representative of the doctoral academic program noted above.

I also attest to my understanding of all of the items noted above and my agreement to abide by them.