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Barrow County School System Exit Survey

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As an employer, the Barrow County School System is committed to continuous improvement and a positive work environment for its employees. The Exit Interview Questionnaire provides a valuable source of information to measure our success in reaching this goal. The data obtained from these interviews will be used to enhance our recruitment and retention efforts, and to assess the overall quality of work life in the Barrow County School System. Your responses are confidential to the Department of Human Resources. When appropriate, information in aggregate form only may be shared with administrators or supervisors.

While the Barrow County School System does not require you to provide any of the following information, your assistance will help Barrow County Schools in its continuing effort to provide the best possible work environment for its staff members. Therefore, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire below.

Your responses will not affect future references or prospects for reemployment. Thank you for your assistance, and good luck in your future endeavors!
1. How many years have you worked at BCSS? *This question is required.
2. My most recent position at Barrow County School System was:
4. Why, specifically, are you leaving The Barrow County School System? (Check all that apply)
5. Why did you initially seek employment with BCSS?
6. What was your opinion of your job at Barrow County School System in regard to:
(mark 1-Excellent, 2-Good, 3-Fair, 4-Poor, 5-No opinion)
Space Cell 12345
your salary
your work schedule
your assigned duties
working conditions
fellow employees
advancement opportunities
your benefits
professional growth opportunities
7. Regarding your workload, was it?
8. Do you feel you have been able to participate in decisions that affect your job?
9. Were rules and regulations fairly and consistently enforced at the school/department level?
10. Were rules and regulations fairly and consistently enforced at the system level?
11. Did you feel you were treated fairly by your direct supervisor(s)?
12. Did you receive feedback on your job performance from your supervisor(s)?
13. Did you feel you could go to your supervisor with a problem and be heard?
14. Were you treated well by fellow employees?
15. Did you feel you grew professionally while you were in our school district?
16. Were you provided with adequate resources to do your job well?
17. Did you feel that your job was important?
18. Did you feel that your efforts were appreciated?
19. Was communication adequate in your department?
20. Was communication adequate in the district?
21. Do you think the morale in Barrow County School System in your work group is:
22. What did you like MOST about working for Barrow County School System?
23. What did you like LEAST about working for Barrow County School System?
25. Would you work for Barrow County School System again in the future?
26. Would you work in the same department/school in the future?
27. Would you recommend Barrow County School System to a friend looking for a job?