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Be A Shortcut™

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Everybody loves a good assessment, especially one that helps them develop into a stronger, more highly functioning individual. The Shortcut Quotient Inventory or SQI® will help you learn about being and becoming a Shortcut. Please complete the questions honestly and answer in a way that describes how you are today and not how you wish to be. If you do, you will get a good idea of your areas of strength and those of growth opportunity. After you’ve received your results, read Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success by Scott G. Halford to learn how to improve and heighten your awareness about ways to change your behavior. Soon you'll be well on your way to becoming a highly influential Shortcut.

Upon completion of the quiz questions you will learn your score and have an opportunity to review the correct answers and a brief explanation about each. Enjoy.

1. Your company wants you to improve skills that are very specific to the company. Your boss says he unfortunately doesn’t have money budgeted to pay for classes until next year. You: *This question is required.
2. At the end of a very busy day at your current work, you most often: *This question is required.
3. There is an area of your job right now for which people would agree you are the best go-to resource in the company. *This question is required.
4. Your current job: *This question is required.
5. If you could pick any career you would: *This question is required.
6. Each year you purposefully take classes or find other educational opportunities to expand your professional knowledge and expertise. *This question is required.
7. When you feel overwhelmed and anxious in your job, you tend to: *This question is required.
8. You often feel elation when you’re doing the most difficult aspects of your job. *This question is required.
9. When you’re angry with someone at work you are most likely to: *This question is required.
10. Your boss obviously doesn’t appreciate how busy you are and keeps piling on more work for you to do. You: *This question is required.
11. You’re on a deadline and you’re behind. It’s late in the day when a colleague comes by and asks for some help with her own impending deadline. She always acts as if her work is more important than yours. You: *This question is required.
12. It feels to you like your opinion is consistently disregarded by your supervisor. You: *This question is required.
13. When you are at work and it is very chaotic, you: *This question is required.
14. Choose the statement that most accurately reflects your behavior when everyone seems to pile on the work for you: *This question is required.
15. You reach out weekly to people in both your personal and professional network just to check in. *This question is required.
16. You believe that those who get ahead professionally: *This question is required.
17. When morale is bad at work you can usually: *This question is required.
18. When you choose a job, you: *This question is required.
19. You are overwhelmed and busy. Your boss consistently asks you to take on additional work that is not a part of your job description. You: *This question is required.
20. Your boss asks you to prepare a report to support his presentation to the executive committee. You: *This question is required.
21. Please indicate which statement is most accurate about you now: *This question is required.
22. A client is angry about work you and others have done for her. You: *This question is required.
23. An external caller mistakenly calls you with a question that belongs to a department with which you have no experience and no contacts. You: *This question is required.
24. An internal client has an expectation that you’ll regularly do tasks that in the past you’ve done for her as a favor. These tasks are not part of your job description. The next time she asks you: *This question is required.
25. It’s Friday night. You’re walking out the door of your office to go home for the evening after a hectic and exhausting week. A co-worker with whom you have no business and don’t know well is busy assembling packets in the conference room. Your most likely reaction would be to: *This question is required.
26. When it comes to getting your job done which is most accurate about you: *This question is required.
27. Think of your personal life. Which statement most accurately describes your weekends? *This question is required.