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Curriculum Leader Application

1. Contact Information
6. Supplementary material. 

For usability editors, please upload: A document listing the titles and direct link (URL) of the 20 “must have” lessons from the JEA curriculum you would use in your own classrooms. Please arrange these lessons in the sequence you would use them. You can tailor this document to the kind of courses you teach (e.g. either a journalism class, publications class, yearbook class, etc.). The point of this document is to create a type of “scope and sequence” curriculum map that shows how you would connect the resources within the curriculum to a specific class setting and to help you become more familiar with all the curriculum areas.

For differentiation editors, please upload: A document that takes one lesson from the curriculum and adapts it for the area of differentiation for which you are applying. The adaptation should represent a substantial shift in approach, adjust instruction at multiple points in the lesson, include additional resources (e.g. reading adjusted for readiness, supplements to provide scaffolding) and revise assessment options so that each student is able to demonstrate his or her level of mastery of target objectives.