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Open Source Electronic Medical record software survey

This research study is about developers involved in healthcare F/OSS projects. It is an anonymous and voluntary survey of 20 questions, which will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your participation is very valuable. Please kindly, fill out the survey and encourage your colleague to take it. 
1. How many Healthcare F/OSS projects have you contributed to?
2. Why did you choose to participate in Health Care F/OSS project? (check all that apply)
4. What percentage of the code you've submitted has been included in the project's release version?
5. How important were the following factors when you first started developing Healthcare F/OSS?
Space Cell Very importantImportantA bit importantNot important
a) I thought it was the best way for software to be developed
b) I thought we should all be free to modify the software we use
c) I needed to perform tasks that could only be done with modified versions of existing software
d) I needed to fix bugs in existing software
e) As a user of free software, I wanted to give something back to the community
f) I wanted to help provide alternatives to proprietary software
g) I wanted to interact with like-minded programmers
h) I saw it as a way to become a better programmer
i) I liked the challenge of fixing bugs and problems in existing software
j) I wanted to find out more about how a particular program worked
k) My employer wanted me to collaborate in open source development
6. Approximately how many lines of code have you contributed?
8. Which of the following statements are true for you? (check all that are true)
9. Do you earn money from Healthcare F/OSS, either directly or indirectly? (check all that apply)
10. When do you work on open source/free software projects? (check all that apply)
12. What is your marital status/domestic situation? (check whichever one is currently most applicable)
15. Are you a healthcare practitioner (physician, nurse, pharmacist ...etc)?
18. Which one of these free/ open source software have you contributed to ?
20. Do you have children? (check all that apply)
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