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NHUSD Year 1 Follow-Up Parent Survey 2014


Thank you for your participation in this confidential survey. Your feedback is important to us. Please complete one survey for every child in your family that attends a New Haven Unified School District school.
Please indicate your child's school:
Please indicate your child's grade:
Please indicate your level of agreement with each statement.
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I believe this school is a safe place.
I feel welcomed at this school.
The principal communicates effectively with parents.
The teachers communicate effectively with parents.
I believe education is important for my child's future success.
My child uses technology for learning at school.
My child uses technology for learning at home.
I believe academic success is a shared responsibility between teachers and parents.
The school values my participation in supporting my child's academic success.
The school gives me the information I need to support my child’s learning at home.
I understand what I have to do to help my child be successful in school.
My child has a set time and place at home to do school work.
I, or someone in the family, regularly helps my child with schoolwork.
I regularly communicate with my child’s teacher(s).
My child receives the academic help he/she needs from the school.
I am informed about my child’s academic progress.
I understand the grading procedures at this school.
I know who to talk to if my child has academic difficulties at school.
The school informs me about my child's behavior/absences.
The school has high academic standards.
The school informs me about community resources and after school programs.
My child is already planning for a career or to go on to college after graduating high school.
I have an understanding of how Race To The Top will support my child.