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Webinar Use & Trends

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Webinars make up a HUGE part of learning delivery in workplaces! They are often undervalued, overused and strangely designed, making for poor delivery choices. We invite you to provide a quick “FLASH” view of webinars in your world today. The MASIE Center will publish the summary of this survey's results in the coming weeks.
Is the use of webinars as delivery tools for learning and training growing or shrinking in your organization?
When you offer a webinar, approximately how many of the learners that register for it actually attend?
When YOU take a webinar, do you also participate in any of these activities? Select all that apply.
Guess how many attendees of your organization’s webinars significantly multi-task (e.g. email, other work, etc.) during those events:
Is participant multi-tasking during a webinar:
In your organization, how long is the average webinar?
What percentage of users access webinars later as on-demand streaming options?
Broadly estimate which of these features are used in your webinars:
Space Cell Almost AlwaysOccasionallyRarelyDo Not Have This Option
Display of Slides/PowerPoint
Video of Instructor/Resource
Video of Learners
Chat with Full Group
Chat with Selected Sub-Group
Break-Out Rooms
Questioning Area
Resource Sharing
Desktop Sharing
Web Surfing
Multi-Language Translations
Does your organization use a “design” or “instructional" template for webinar creation/delivery?
How interactive are your organization's webinars?
Please give a "grade" to the current use of webinars in your organization:

A few background questions:

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