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Thank you for participating in the PRELUDE study. Your time and participation are highly valued.

You are asked to complete this survey as you have been invited or enroled to participate in the PRELUDE study. The aim of this survey is to gather information about the characteristics, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of people who have been enrolled into the study to take a daily anti-HIV medication as pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV (PrEP). 

This questionnaire will record your study ID number only and all answers will remain confidential at all times. Please note that this questionnaire collects information through a totally separate system to that used in clinics. Therefore, nurses, doctors and any other staff of the clinics participating in this study will not have access to any information you provide below.

This questionnaire should be completed within 48 hours of your baseline visit to the study clinic (that is the visit when you received your first study medication prescription). If necessary you may save your responses and continue at another time. The save button can be found at the bottom of each page in the survey.

Thank you for participating in the PRELUDE study and completing this questionnaire.