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Probes and Tips -Funding your screening efforts

the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Mangement

This newsletter provides TIPS to enhance your OAE screening and follow-up practices and PROBES about current activities so we can learn from one another's successes and challenges. Check out our website for more helpful resources:

April, 2009 issue

Tip of the Month 

Funding Your OAE Screening Activities

Costs associated with an OAE screening program include initial purchase of equipment, disposable probe covers, equipment maintenance and repair and special toys or other items to help manage behavior during screening.  Screening programs rely on a variety of funds to meet these needs including one-time funding sources, primary grants, and mini-grants from local charities. 

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In addition to the support you may already be receiving from your main funding agency, consider submitting a request for OAE screening funds to one or more local charities.   Equipment purchases, disposable probe covers or toys used during training are all very concrete needs that many charities will view as worthy of support.  To help in the application process, a mini-grant template can be downloaded and adapted to meet your needs.  Feel free to use this text when requesting funding from local organizations such as Lions Clubs, Sertoma, Rotary or others.  The mini-grant is found at:
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