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Probes and Tips - September 2008 - Audiologist Partners

the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Mangement

This newsletter provides TIPS to enhance your OAE screening and follow-up practices and PROBES about current activities so we can learn from one another's successes and challenges. Check out our website for more helpful resources:

September, 2008 issue

Tip of the Month 

Collaborate w
ith a Pediatric Audiologist

One of the best ways to initiate or maintain an effective OAE screening program is to partner with a pediatric audiologist.  A pediatric audiologist partner can potentially help you:
  • select OAE equipment and troubleshoot equipment problems if they arise,
  • train your staff in the use of the equipment and an appropriate screening and follow-up protocol,
  • review your screening results including your pass/refer rates and other quality indicators, and
  • interpret diagnostic evaluation results and provide consultation on individual cases. 
Also consider asking the audiologist to be a member of your health services advisory committee.
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If you have already made contact with an audiologist, remember to stay in regular touch (every other month) and rely on this valuable resource when you encounter questions or challenges. Consider connecting with your partner audiologist on a yearly basis to:

  • Discuss training and TA needs, equipment issues, and methods for monitoring your screening outcomes
  • Observe and evaluate your screening techniques and to give you feedback and helpful hints (preferably before you do the bulk of your screening each year).

If you do not yet have a partner audiologist, contact your state's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program. The Coordinator can help you start to identify potential partners. To find your state's EHDI program information go to:

Once you have identified a pediatric audiologist partner, direct them to the resources specifically designed to help them help you:

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