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Probes and Tips - Children with hearing aids

the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Mangement

This newsletter provides TIPS to enhance your OAE screening and follow-up practices and PROBES about current activities so we can learn from one another's successes and challenges. Check out our website for more helpful resources:

May, 2009 issue

Tip of the Month 

Babies Can Benefit from Hearing Aids

Did you know that a baby, just one month of age, can be fitted with hearing aids?   

One of the ultimate goals of your hearing screening program is to help identify children with hearing loss so they can receive appropriate intervention.   You already know that newborn babies and toddlers can have their hearing screened, but you may be surprised to learn that many infants with hearing loss also benefit from early amplification.

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To make sure that children with hearing loss are identified at the earliest possible time and receive the intervention they need, be sure to get the results of every referral you make to a health care provider or audiologist.  Remember that a health care provider cannot diagnose a hearing loss.  This is why you must always rescreen children after a referral to a health care provider.  If the child still does not pass the OAE, then an immediate referral to a pediatric audiologist is needed.

After a child has been evaluated by a pediatric audiologist, get the complete diagnostic report so that you know if a hearing loss was identified and, if so, what interventions are necessary.  Every child with a permanent hearing loss should be reported to the state’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program and be referred for early intervention services.  A checklist of other steps can be found at:

Your OAE screening will also help identify children with a variety of other temporary conditions including ear infections and wax blockages that can also affect a child's hearing.  Prompt treatment for these conditions will maximize a young child's ability to hear and develop spoken language skills.

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