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Probes and Tips - Screening during naptime

the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Mangement

This newsletter provides TIPS to enhance your OAE screening and follow-up practices and PROBES about current activities so we can learn from one another's successes and challenges. Check out our website for more helpful resources:
November, 2008 issue

Tip of the Month 

Screening During Naptimes

Consider screening during naptime or other sleeping moments!  Screening infants and toddlers while they are asleep can be a real time saver. Give it a try with young children or others who may be difficult to screen when they are awake.   
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 Many children who are sleeping will not awaken during an OAE screening.  Aside from screening during scheduled naptimes, consider making special arrangements with the child's teacher or parent to screen during other sleep times.  Have the teacher contact you if the child falls asleep during the day and take the opportunity to screen.  Or,  have the child's parent or bus driver phone you if the child falls asleep on the way to your program. You can meet the car or bus and screen the child in a car seat.  If you normally see the child at home, consider arranging a home visit during or near the end of a nap time.

If you are screening children in darkened rooms, you may want to add a small flashlight to your screening kit so you can easily see the display screen and record your results.

Creative screening strategies can save you time and energy and, most importantly, help you complete every child's hearing screening in a timely fashion!

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