Personal Brand Quiz

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1. After a 30-second review of my resume or LinkedIn profile, my expertise is easily understood.
2. I’ve had a formal 360 review in the past 12 months.
3. I've taken personality-type assessments or other personal/professional development tools (e.g. DiSC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Birkman, etc.)
4. My photo on LinkedIn was updated less than 12 months ago.
5. I've updated my LinkedIn profile in the past 45 days.
6. Other than LinkedIn, I have a couple of online profiles, e.g. Google+, an industry/association directory,, company website (include Facebook but not dating websites.)
7. I’ve attended at least one professional development conference or multi-day training/workshop in the past 12 months.
8. The last time I had an unsolicited job referral come my way was:
9. I’ve had at least one job interview in the past 9 months.
10. I'm clear about my most marketable skills and experience.
11. If you're in an active job search, how many different versions of your resume have you created? (Of course, you're targeting your resume for each job, but do you have more than one main version of your resume?)
12. My network spans _____ % outside of my industry and/or profession/field.
13. I'm active in at least one professional organization/network.
14. In the past 90 days. I've Googled myself and am aware of the top 3 search results.
15. It would take me less than an hour to prepare for a last-minute job interview for my dream job
16. I'm crystal clear on how to translate my experience/background into other industries.
17. I've changed jobs within the past three years.
18. In an ideal world, I'd have two separate LinkedIn profiles in order to properly represent my background and experience.
19. I can easily identify my top 3 go-to skills (i.e. the things I do better than most others.)
20. I can easily name, off the top of my head, ten people who would be good connections to help me land my dream job.
21. I've learned a meaningful new career skill in the past 12 months.
22. Per week, I receive an average of the following number of LinkedIn connection requests:
23. If I were asked to serve as a guest speaker at a professional event, I'm clear what my topic would be.
24. I know what most people find interesting about my background, expertise and work history.
25. I am clear about my top brand attributes. Quickly, without much thought, I can identify ______ of them.