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IdEA Diaspora Map- Organizations

Introduction & Organization Contact Information

We are focused on transitioning IdEA to an interactive platform that will elevate and support the work of Diaspora communities around the world. As part of those efforts, we believe IdEA can bring value to members and to diaspora communities by building an interactive, visualized membership map. The map will exhibit member organizations' presence and influence and will increase exposure and networking opportunities for participants. For some of our member diaspora groups, inclusion in the map will serve as their only online presence and opportunity to connect with other groups online.

Each organization will be represented by a marker on the map. Upon hovering or clicking on that marker, additional information about the organization will be presented to the viewer, including organizational contact information. Map users will be able to view organizations by sector, countries they work in, and other characteristics. ALL INFORMATION SUBMITTED ON THIS FORM WILL BE PUBLIC.

Once you have been approved for the map, you will get an email with information on how to submit engagement opportunities (events, volunteer opportunities, programs, etc) to be published on the map. 

Because inclusion on the map is only for IdEA member organizations, your submission of this forms doubles as submission of the IdEA membership form. By submitting this form, you are giving IdEA and its partners permission to publish this information via the IdEA map. Only complete submissions will be considered for exhibition on the map. Submission to the map does not guarantee membership or inclusion on the map. IdEA reviews each submission for relevance and appropriateness before granting membership or inclusion on the map.

Please send any questions to with "IdEA Map" in the subject line.
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