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Developing Top-Tier Medical Affairs Capabilities


Recent changes in the healthcare landscape have forced medical affairs leaders within the life sciences industry to adapt to globalization and effectively utilize key impact measures to communicate the value of their organizations.  In addition,  medical affairs leaders have been seeking ways to work collaboratively with other groups in the launch process and to leverage health outcomes data to maximize business and scientific success.

This survey seeks to inform Medical Affairs leaders to explore current trends, benchmarks and best practices in:

  • Budget allocation for Medical Affairs function

  • Medical Affairs’ impact measures

  • Medical Affairs’ role in launch excellence

  • Leveraging health outcomes data within the Medical Affairs function

  • Managing globalization in Medical Affairs

Benefits of Participation:  All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study findings, which may be shared internally with colleagues.

Confidentiality:  Survey data will be blinded and aggregated.  No data received will be associated with any participating company or individual.

Invited Participants:  Managers and executives who lead or work within global or regional Medical Affairs organizations at biopharmaceutical or medical device companies.

Contact:  If you have questions about the survey or require assistance, please contact Ozge Uyanik at or (919)-767-9274

Special Note:  This comprehensive survey will provide participants with detailed findings, metrics, and insights that may be used to understand current and future trends in Medical Affairs.  Survey completion time is approximately 20-25 minutes.  The survey is designed so that you may save and continue your response.  You need not to complete it in one sitting.