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JEA Mentee Exit Survey

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5. What has been most useful/helpful that your mentor done? (Check all that apply.)
7. What were the top issues that you had to deal with as a beginning journalism/media teacher?
Space Cell Very important (4)Important (3)Somewhat important (2)Of little importance (1)
Learning staff organization, management, recruitment
Developing one's own advising skills
Identifying appropriate resources for advising (e.g., textbooks and online sources)
Learning about useful organizations (e.g., state scholastic press organization, JEA, SPLC, etc.)
Determining how to improve the student media
Gaining understanding about press rights and responsibility
Learning journalism skills (e.g., reporting, writing style)
Learning technology skills related to advising
Learning business skills involved with advising student media
Learning to work with a publisher
Promoting diversity on the staff and/or in the media advised
Working with administrators
Working with faculty
Working with parents
Time management and setting teaching/advising priorities